University of Nairobi History Talk

I was very lucky to speak at the University of Nairobi’s History Department back in March, on local politics and the aftermath of Mau Mau in Nyeri. The Department has now uploaded the full lecture to Youtube, here is the link. Please give it a look (although it is rather long!)

Conflict of Interest Podcast

It was extremely enjoyable to make a podcast for the Imperial War Museum’s Conflict of Interest series, about Mau Mau, with poet Nikita Gill, fellow PhD student Rose Miyonga and the doyen of the study of Mau Mau in the UK, Professor John Lonsdale. Here is the link. (also available on all good podcast platforms).

Mau Mau at the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi

Mau Mau’s place in Kenya’s national memory is an endlessly complex subject; subject to valorisation, silencing and awkward fudges depending on time, place, and identity. This stretches as far back as the State of Emergency itself, with alternative interpretations shaping ‘Mau Maus of the Mind’ that persist till today. This conflict, an anti-colonial revolt whichContinue reading “Mau Mau at the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi”

Provincialising Democracy: Viewing the 2020 American Election through a Kenyan lens

‘On Friday 28th December, Odinga was leading by nearly 900,000 votes, with half the ballots counted. With parliamentary results suggesting he had swept the country, victory seemed assured. However, during Saturday, Kibaki clawed back his position. At midday, ECK reports suggested Odinga was 300,000 votes ahead of Kibaki. By 2 P.M the gap was downContinue reading “Provincialising Democracy: Viewing the 2020 American Election through a Kenyan lens”


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